Reno SEO


How can search engine optimization help your small business reach more customers online? Good SEO practices are at the very foundation of every successful website marketing campaign. SEO strategies that are grounded in solid marketing techniques can help bring new clients to your website for years to come. Wondering what the process is in starting an SEO plan with Sandy? See my process below.

My 5 Step SEO Process

  1. Initial website, social profile and review site audit. Review what areas need improvements and simple repairs to build a solid foundation for your online marketing campaigns.
  2. In depth interview about your ideal clients, business goals, competitors and 3 month lead /conversion goals for your website.
  3. Research a starting list of ideal keywords to target. Over the next months, we will refine those keywords, choosing the best phrases that convert your best clients.
  4. Review your existing website traffic, back links, rankings and time on site via Google Analytics and/or other website traffic monitor system. Establishing a base line for our SEO starting point will help you gage how successful our SEO marketing services are for your company. If you do not have a website analytics program installed, we will recommend and install one for you. We will need 2 weeks of tracking once installed to establish a base line.
  5. Create a month to month SEO plan that evolves and grows with the market. The first month is geared towards setting the course then testing best landing pages, copy and keywords that convert customers.

Learn more SEO marketing tips and advice on my marketing website here.


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