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Marketing Workshop in Reno

Free internet workshop hosted by local SEO and Internet Marketing Workshop Expert, Sandy Rowley of
Hosted at Swill Coffee & Wine in Reno.

Reno SEO Expert

SEO is the fastest growing marketing tactic being used by businesses in the USA. Sandy Rowley, leading SEO coach, provides top notch SEO strategies and training sessions to business owners who want to take charge of their companies SEO and rankings online.

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Reno Web Design


Is your companies website a huge embarrassment?

Hello, my name is Sandy Rowley, I am an award winning web designer located in Reno Nevada. Reno Web Design here.

Technology changes constantly and makes it super challenging for a small business to keep up. Your website must meet the latest technology requirements in order to generate sales, leads and referrals in today’s market.

I have put together 3 top items to keep up on to make sure your companies website is not losing customers.

  1. Is your website mobile friendly or responsive on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets? If not, you are in for a serious downfall online. Why? A great majority of people searching locally in Reno area are searching on a smart phone mobile device. Why should you care? If your website is not mobile ready, when a new client searches in Google for your business and they click on your website, then OMG the site does not load or is hard to read, guess what, they will hit the BACK button and your website will start to tank in organic rankings in Google.
  2. Have you installed a SSL certificate onto your websites domain and hosting? Your websites security is super important item to your clients as well as Google search.  Most SSL certifications cost a few hundred a year. Some hosting companies include a SSL for free with your monthly hosting fees.
  3. Does your website load fast on mobile and desktop devices? Speed is one of the most important items you can control in order to boost sales, time on site and rankings in organic search. Head on over to Google Page Speed insights and see if your website meets their requirements for ranking high in search results.

Obviously your website design needs to impress and motivate your viewers into buying something right?

How do you instill trust, a desire and urgency in your website viewers?

Conversion rate optimization is the art of optimizing items on your website to generate the highest results. Those results could be more sales, leads and followers on your social media accounts.

Good design is not simply a pretty face. Colors, fonts and images all contribute to an overall strategy that either encourages sales or discourages future clients.

Web Design Company in Reno Nevada

Schedule a phone call with Sandy Rowley of to learn how she can re design your website in order to boost sales and rankings. Call 775-870-0488.

View her award winning web design portfolio here: Reno Web Design

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Custom web designs by Webby Award Winning designer, Sandy Rowley.




SaaS Software Development Company

What We Offer

Pegasus One Software understands that no two businesses are identical, and no two software development projects will be, either. We offer a full range of software solutions for your company, including:

 software development company orange county ca
IoT Solutions
SaaS Solutions
Mobile Application Development

These are just a few examples of the types of apps and software solutions that Pegasus One can help make a reality for your company. Our systems can be applied to anything you need, providing greater productivity, easier processing, and less stress for your employees. Some examples of how our software solutions can be applied include:

  • Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Content Management

  • Social Media Branding

  • Internal Operations

  • Big Data Analyzation

  • Event Planning

  • Shipping Logistics

  • Marketing

  • eCommerce

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Business Intelligence

  • More..

Orange County SEO

Hello there!

I wanted to post a quick update on my new services for those businesses located in Orange County California.

Although I spend most of my time in the Biggest Little City on Earth, Reno Nevada, I am making a few trips a month to the OC area.

I offer 1 on 1 marketing training sessions, SEO, PPC and marketing strategies for a handful of businesses in Orange County.

Would you like a free video review of your website? How about an in depth marketing review and plan created just for your unique business and target market?

Learn more about my raving 5 star review SEO and marketing offers here.

Watch video walk through of a local Orange County Music Lesson Business, Sally Piano here.



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Legal SEO

How to rank my legal website in Google local search?

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Legal Services, attorneys, bail bondsmen and lawyer searches are one of the most expensive cost per click keywords in the industry. Thousands of searches are done every day in these areas. These active searchers are looking for specific legal terms like ‘workman compensation Reno’ or ‘divorce attorney Reno’.

Most lawyers and attorneys, can expect to pay well over $20 – $50 a click to buy an ad on Google Adwords and other large search engines like Yahoo and Bing to rank at the top of the search engines using Pay Per Click/Adwords bidding services. The most expensive legal AdWords bid for CPC in the country is currently at $670.44 a click for the keyword phrase “San Antonio car wreck attorney.” Learn more about Legal SEO.


Analytics for the Small Business

Decision-Making, Analytics & Intelligence > Philippines

Analytics is about looking for patterns in data to help answer questions. Most businesses use analytics to help ensure more data-driven decision-making.

No matter the size, scale or scope, every business generates a wealth of business data. Every business has an opportunity to uses that data to drive more intelligent decisions.

The primary people responsible for conducting analytics on the massive amounts of data we have today are analysts. Analysts are skilled in using various technologies and methodologies to identify, inventory and integrate large amounts of data quickly.

The term analytics can often be used interchangeably with statistics and data science. What separates analytics from disciplines like statistics and data science is generally the speed of the analysis and the focus on solving business problems.

The most common form of analytics is business analytics that are generally used by owners, senior leaders and decision-makers to investigate problems, validate assumptions and…

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